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Large Open Area Required
Line Push-Ups

Suggested Grade Level(s): 4, 5

Content Standard(s):

  • 4 - Physical Education
    • S3.E3.4:
      Identifies the components of health-related fitness.
  • 5 - Physical Education
    • S3.E3 .5:
      Differentiates between skill-related and health-related fitness.

Purpose of Activity (objectives, etc.):

Upper body muscular strength and endurance.

Materials/Equipment (Needed):

  • Line on the floor for each student (can be a piece of tape, or any line such as the edge of a tile, etc.)
  • Music (optional) - great choice is Lets Go (radio version) - Calvin Harris

      Activity Handout: Line Push Up Record.docx (new window)


  1. Students begin in push-up position.
  2. On a signal, students “walk” their hands across the line and back (i.e. right up, left up, right back, left back) as many times as possible within a designated time period (i.e. 1 minute). One completed over and back counts as 1 line push-up.
  3. If students stop or drop their knees down, they may begin again from where they left off until the time is up.


Less than 5 minutes

Assessment Idea:

Students should record their scores on a personal log, and the teacher should repeat this exercise as often as possible, encouraging students to strive to improve their scores each time.

NOTE: In order for students to show improvements, this exercise and other upper body muscular strengthening activities must be performed on a regular basis.