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Rescue 9-1-1

Suggested Grade Level(s): K, 1

Content Standard(s):

  • K - Health
    • NPH-H.K-4.3:
      Reducing Health Risks
  • 1 - Health
    • NPH-H.K-4.3:
      Reducing Health Risks

Purpose of Activity (objectives, etc.):

Students will demonstrate how to prepare for and act in the event of an emergency (fire, natural disaster, etc.). Specifically focusing on the ability to initiate the emergency services system (9-1-1)

Materials/Equipment (Needed):

  • Pretend Telephone
  • Pictures of Emergencies (House Fire, Burglar, Disaster)
  • Siren Sound Effects


Begin by asking students to define an emergency. What does that mean to them, how does it make them feel. Assure the students that everyone gets scared when bad things happen (fires, car crash, etc.) Suggest other times that constitute an emergency such as natural disasters, etc. This is especially important if you live in an area prone to natural disasters (tornadoes, hurricanes, etc.)

Go over the local emergency number (911). Write on the board the most important parts of calling 911 - Staying on the phone, speaking clearly, listening.

Have a couple students come to the front of the room and demonstrate calling 911 with you, the teacher, acting as the operator. Encourage other students to help the caller remember the important steps.

Call out fire alarm and practice having all students line up, or if you live in a region where it may be necessary to seek shelter, practice getting under the desk and covering their heads.


10 minutes