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Large Open Area Required
Hydration Game

Suggested Grade Level(s): 2, 3

Content Standard(s):

  • 2 - Health
    • NPH-H.K-4.1:
      Health Promotion and Disease Prevention
  • 3 - Health
    • NPH-H.K-4.1:
      Health Promotion and Disease Prevention

Purpose of Activity (objectives, etc.):

Students will identify how much 1 liter is and learn the importance of drinking adequate water while being physically active in hot weather.

Materials/Equipment (Needed):

  • sponge and bucket for each team of 4 students
  • water


FACT: A person can sweat more than a liter of water an hour while exercising in hot weather.

Move physical activity outside with a water bucket game. Divide the class into teams of four. Have each team stand in a single-file line. At the front of each line, place a bucket containing a gallon of water with a sponge inside. About 50 yards across from each line place an empty bucket with a piece of tape marking the “1-Liter” mark. Instruct the students that one at a time, members of their team will fill up sponges from the water bucket, then run it across to the team’s empty bucket and squeeze out all the water from the sponge. Then, they will run the dry sponge back to the next team member in line to fill and empty the sponge again. Continue to until a team successfully fills the bucket to the “1-Liter” mark.

Remind students to drink plenty of water!


15 minutes