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Large Open Area Required
Bronco Tag

Suggested Grade Level(s): 4, 5

Content Area(s): Recess / Lunch Activity

Purpose of Activity (objectives, etc.):

This game, also known as Hook-On Tag, is a great game that involves all the children and really gets them up and moving. With no real winner or loser it is just fun!


Divide players into groups of three with one remaining player as the chaser. The groups of three form broncos: one player is the “head” and the other two line up behind, holding onto the player in front at the waist they are the “tails”

After the broncos begin running, the chaser must try to join one of them by getting hold of the waist of a tail payer.

If the chaser successfully joins a bronco, the head of the bronco must break off and become the chaser, while the next player in line now becomes the head.

The game has no real winner or loser. The object is to simply to elude the chaser if you are part of a bronco and to join a bronco if you are the chaser. The broncos should twist and turn, trying to keep the head facing the chaser in order to avoid getting a new tail.


10 minutes