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Suitable for Classroom Space
Over, Under, Around and Through

Suggested Grade Level(s): Pre-K, K, 1, 2

Content Area(s): Classroom Energizer

Purpose of Activity (objectives, etc.):

Students will have to listen closely and follow their leader as they go over, under, around and through imaginary or real objects.


Students in lines of 5 (or less) will go over, under, around and through imaginary or real objects following their leader. The line leader will change on each new scenario. For example, go over a sea of sticky peanut butter, through a giraffes legs, under a low bridge, around a desk.

Go Over
A steep mountain top
A river on a wiggly bridge
A barbed wire fence
Three logs on your path
A slithering snake

Go Under
A low tree limb
A big dog
A limbo stick
Another student

Go Around
An elephant
A corner
A dirty trash can
A thorny bush
A soggy swamp

Go Through
A creaky door
A field of tall grass
A long tunnel
A haunted house
A sea of Jell-O


Less than 5 minutes