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Large Open Area Required
123 Preschool Dribbling

Suggested Grade Level(s): Pre-K

Content Area(s): Recess / Lunch Activity

Purpose of Activity (objectives, etc.):

To enhance basic math skills and dribbling with hands.

Materials/Equipment (Needed):

  • one dribbling ball for each student link to S&S
  • polyspots with numbers link to S&S
  • cones for boundaries link to S&S


- tell students what they are working on
- tell students the objective of the lesson / purpose of equipment

Children will watch and listen to the instructors.

Children will be able to:
-do what to instructor asks
-dribble the ball a few times in a row
-answer the questions correctly

Teacher Communication, Performance Cues:

"Hello boys and girls. We are going to work on dribbling but this will be a little different. Each spot has a different number on it and when we ask a question you must figure out the answer and go to the corresponding spot."

There will be several spots spread out around the area. Each spot will have a different number on it. Such as: 1, 3, 10, and 20. The children will begin by dribbling around. After a few minutes of dribbling we will ask the students questions. Such as: what is 1+1, 2-1, what comes next 10, 20 The students will answer by going to the corresponding spot.


10 minutes

Special Needs Adaptations:

Extension task 1- dribble with one hand

Extension task 2- dribble with two hands

Refining task- make questions easier or help answer the questions

Assessment Idea:

1) Consistently dribble the ball for 40% of the time (have two or more dribbles in a row)

2) Count the number of correct answers the student dribbles to.